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~ Lainay ~

Week 2: Theme!

HI EVERYONE! ^___^ It's the other mod here, lainay!!! YOROSHIKU~ :)

Anyways, I want the theme for this week to be AWAKE. This can revolve around their latest album AWAKE, or have the word AWAKE on it, or any of its synonyms. Really anything having to do with "Awake" is acceptable! ^^ (okay, can you tell I'm in LOVE with this album? XD)

Let's remember our rules though!

[x] ONE icon this time, please!
[x] No bigger than 100 x 100 pixels, and no bigger than 40 KB
[x] No advertising and showing all your friends
[x] Keep them stills please, no animation ^^
[x] HAVE FUN :D << most important rule, totally

You can submit until Thursday the 13th at 3PM EST! ^____^ Good luck everyone!
Tags: awake, week 2, week 3
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