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Welcome to Larcontest presented to you by the lovelies lainay and leanne101. I'm um, Leanne...XD duh.

Well, first this community is all about having fun, so everyone with any icon skills can express their love for L'Arc~en~Ciel by submitting icons for contests! Secondly, every member is encouraged to vote, even if you haven't entered a challenge. So how do we do a theme? Themes can be scans, lyrics, words, colors, anything that the mod can come up with really. Just remember to include any member of Laruku of course. And as a side note, yaoi nonsense is...frowned upon here...

Here are the RULES for this community. Please READ them and LOVE them.

If there is an icon you liked and just HAVE to use, just ask who made it like this: "Hey, can you tell me who made #- on Challenge -?". You can ask permission to use it directly from them. ^^ And don't forget to always CREDIT the creator of the icon on the comment tags. :)

There will also be times when participants will be required to make 4 icons of each member and voting will be set-based. Don't worry, you'll get extended time to make those lovelies! So, um, have fun, and enter some challenges! yay~

BTW how does the layout work for everyone?

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